Friday, June 13, 2008


Rambutan Tree
(family Sapindaceae)

This is my Rambutan tree in my house, named Rambutan Rafiah
the rambutan is delicious and nutritious fruit. The flavor and appearance of the flesh is similar to lichee.
The word "rambut" in the fruit name mean 'hairy’

The rambutan is a bright red fruit covered in soft, hairy spines. Gently squeeze to open and enjoy the delicious, sweet, translucent, litchi-like fruit inside. Slightly rubbery in texture, it is also called ngoh in Thailand.
Rambutan fruit contents vitamin C, and many other nutritional
Rambutan are premier dessert fruit and are usually eaten fresh.To open rambutan partially cut through the skin, or just break open using a strong thumb-nail.

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